Approved June 12, 2017

Constitution - Preamble and Articles I-VI

PREAMBLE – The purposes of our CLUB are:

1)     To play golf.

2)     To promote sociability among our members.


     The name of this organization shall be PAR HOPERS GOLF CLUB and shall be referred to as the CLUB.                 

     The Board will determine the home course as conditions dictate.


     The membership is limited to men, at least 60 years of age, with a high code of ethics and a genuine love for golf. Annual dues shall be determined by the Board.


     The CLUB officers shall be President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Head Starter, and Statistician. The President and Vice President shall be elected Board members. The appointed members may serve unlimited years as approved annually by the Board. The elected Board members may serve only 3 consecutive years.


     The governing body of the Club shall be ten (10) Directors of which six shall be elected by the Club members. The remaining four (Treasurer, Secretary, Head Starter, and Statistician) shall be appointed by the Board to serve 1 year terms. All ten (10) shall have full voting power and appoint committees necessary for the Club operation. When an elected Director is unable to complete their term, a replacement shall be selected by the Board to complete the unexpired term. The elected members shall wait three (3) years at the end of their term before being eligible to accept a nomination. No elected Director shall serve more than 3 consecutive years. However, the member appointed to complete a term is eligible to accept a nomination at the end of that term. 


   An annual election shall be held to elect two Board members.

     Detail election procedures are covered in the By-Laws ARTICLE IX Section 2.


     Section 1 - President – He shall be the chief executive officer of the Club and preside over all Club and Board meetings. He shall have general supervision of the administration of Club affairs. He is an unofficial member of all committees, except the Election Committee. He shall serve as host of all Club social functions. He shall appoint members that are needed for unplanned needs of the Club. 

     Section 2 - Vice President – He shall assist the President. If the President is unable to perform his duties, he shall be acting President during that period.

     Section 3 – Treasurer – He shall have charge of the financial affairs of the Club, subject to the control of the Board. He shall have full authority to collect dues and other accounts due the Club. He shall pay all bills and keep regular records of accounts and transactions. He shall render a statement of accounts when requested by the Board, and at the Fall meeting. The financial records shall be annually audited by a committee of three appointed by the Board prior to the fall meeting. Additional audits may be requested by the President or the membership. The funds shall be kept in a Bank insured by the FDIC. Withdrawal of the funds shall be by check or electronic transfer signed by or authorized by the: Treasurer; President; or Secretary, in that order as dictated by availability.

Section 4 – Secretary – He shall attend all Board meetings and keep a detail record of the transacted business in a book kept for that purpose and of which he shall have custody. The book shall be available for inspection by any member. He shall conduct all Club correspondence. He shall only respond to special requests authorized by the President.

Section 5 – Head Starter – He is responsible for operation of the Starters Table. He shall also ensure instructions are given to the score keeper for each group to deposit the card in the box at the end of the round.

 He is also to ensure timely posting of pending events and instructions.

Section 6 – Statistician – He shall post scores and calculate handicaps in accordance with methods approved by the Board.   


 By-Laws - Articles VII – XIII


The Board shall control and manage all the affairs of the Club and may exercise all the powers not expressly reserved to members.

The Board shall prescribe the rate and conditions of income, such as dues or other assessments that may be required. Membership well be from April of one year to April of the next year the first round of play to the first round of play in the next year.

The Board may at any time, for due cause, request the forfeiture of any membership in our Club.

The Board shall, within 10 days of the fall meeting, elect the Officers for the following year. The President and Vice President shall be elected Directors.

The Board may appoint any other committees for new functions or vacancies.

The Board shall hold meetings as called by the President, or requested by 2 Board members. 


All paid up members shall have all Club privileges regarding scheduled play dates. Groups will be assigned on a first come first served basis at the Starters Table.

The Club shall award Life Time memberships to all members 80 by April 1st and 15 years of service. The only special privilege is they no longer pay dues.

Super seniors are members who are 80 by April 1st, have paid up dues and are in good standing. Their first round each year, they have the option to tee off from the forward or from the white tees. However, whichever set is selected, they must hit from those tees for the entire year as that is the basis for their handicap. Except on par 3’s they must hit from the yellow tees.

Honorary membership may be conferred by the entire Board to a member for exceptional service to the Club. The only special privilege is they no longer pay dues.


Section 1 – Membership

This committee shall provide publication to promote out Club. They also prepare a packet for every new member that contains: the Welcome letter; Constitution/By Laws; Rules of Play; and Schedule.

Section 2 – Nominating

This committee shall submit a list of 2 members for each Director to be elected. These persons must have been contacted to ensure they will serve, if elected. Other members can be nominated at large by a petition signed by five (5) Club members with paid up dues and in good standing. Nominations close August 1st to allow time to print ballots, complete with pictures, so voting can begin by September 1st. Voting ends the last play day of the year. The Tellers Committee shall immediately count the ballots and advise the President of the winning Candidates. In the event of a tie, the winning candidate shall be determined by a flip of a coin. The results shall remain secret until announced by the President at the fall meeting.


Section 1 – Club Contest

This committee is responsible for all special events, defining the rules, and, for individual events, the required number of rounds. Also for individual events, the rounds played count shall be 40% or more of the official rounds for the member to be eligible to participate.  Due to ParHopers missing rounds due to illness, if having played 40% of the rounds the previous year, and having played at least 20% of the rounds for the current year the member will be eligible to participate. The handicaps and rounds played will be obtained from the Statistician.

The Super Senior Tournament will now be included with the Club Championship. The qualified Super Seniors are eligible to win one of the Club Championship awards, but they are the only ones who are eligible to win the Super Senior award. Winners shall be selected in the sequence of: Gross; Net; and, Super Senior. All first place winners shall be selected and then second place. A member is limited to one prize. In the event of a tie, the Club tie breaker rule will be used.

Official rounds are defined as those when riding carts are allowed and 20 or more players have submitted a score card for 9 holes.

For those rounds without an official score, such as scrambles, each playing member shall have their count of rounds played increased by one for each event in which they participated. 

Any member who has a ‘hole in one’ during an official round will receive $100. The score card must be signed by all members of the group and given to a Board member.

Section 2 – Inter club tournaments.

This has been dropped as the other clubs have decided they no longer want to participate. 

Section 3 – Special Events

Any member may propose a special event by submitting the specific details to the Board for their consideration. If the event is other than one for play by our Club, it shall be scheduled on a day that does not conflict with the Par Hoper schedule. If approved by the Board, the member shall be responsible for organizing and operating the event.

Section 4 – Additional Needs.

This has been dropped as it is redundant of Section 3.


Section 1 – Spring Meeting

A spring meeting shall be held just prior to the start of the season to acquaint members with new Rules of Play, Club plans for the season, and to rejuvenate social contacts for the new season.

Section 2 – Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting shall be held promptly at the end of the schedule. This meeting will be to recognize the winners of the individual events, award prizes, give special recognition to the outgoing Board members, and announce the winning candidates for the Board. Members can also pay dues for next season. Committee reports will be presented as well as any other important Club items.

Section 3 – Summer Picnic

A summer picnic shall be held on a scheduled golf day in commemoration of the new season and sociability.

Section 4 – Additional Meetings

Special Meetings of the Club may be called by the Board upon written request of 10 members with paid up dues and in good standing.

Section 5 – Board Meetings

Board Meetings shall be held only by the order of the President, or requested by two (2) Board members.


Section 1 – Constitution

The Constitution may be altered, added to, amended, or rescinded only at a meeting of the membership at which a quorum is present (more than half of the membership). Affirmative vote by 2/3 of the members present is required for such amendments to be made. 

Section 2 – By-Laws

The By-Laws may be altered, added to, amended, or rescinded at any Board meeting at which a quorum is present (six of the Directors). Affirmative vote by a minimum of five is required for such amendments to be made. 


Roberts Rules of Order shall be the final authority on all questions of parliamentary law not covered by the Constitution and By-Laws. The Board shall decide all questions of interpretation. 




A mulligan may not be used. Record your actual score. Putt all putts out – do not pick up or take a gimme. In the event of a Tie, The winner will be determined based on the score on the most difficult hole (on the front nine, that is the 9th hole, on the back nine that is the 11th hole) if still tied go back on the card to the next difficult hole and so on until a winner is determined, the net score (score after handicap deduction) will be used. If still tied a coin flip is used to determine the winner.

All the rules listed below will be used as it applies to the rules of play.



All members will play the forward tees on all par 3’s.

Keep pace with the group in front, do not allow a hole to be open in front of you. Hit when ready, don’t hit in order of score on the last hole. Be ready to putt when it is your turn. Park your cart on the side of the green closest to the next tee.



Please limit search to 2 minutes. Add 1 penalty stroke to your score.



The ball may be moved a foot in the fairway, rough and tall grass (however you may not move the ball from the rough to the fairway, or tall grass to the rough).



May not be used in tournament play. The Board does not encourage the use of mulligans (in effect it reduces your handicap and puts you at a disadvantage during Tournament and Event Play). You may use only one mulligan per 9 holes. May only be used in a regular round and is limited to the tee shot on a par 4 or 5. Once a mulligan is hit, it must be played, the first ball is now out of play.



Add one penalty stroke. You may then drop at the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole or keeping that spot in line with the pin drop back any distance, or rehit the shot.



Drop at the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole (no penalty).



Playable, play it as it lies, if deemed to be ground under repair, drop outside the bunker at the nearest point of relief, (no penalty).


The maximum number of strokes for HANDICAP CALCULATIONS is DOUBLE PAR. To speed up play, stop playing the hole when you reach double par. The common practice of the statistician over the years has been to record no more than a 9 on any hole. Therefore double par is only taken on par 3 and par 4 holes. Stop at 9 on par 5s!



For members, who are at least 80 by April 1st of the current year, you have the choice to hit from the forward tees or from the white tees.

The same tees must be used for every round during the year for Handicap Calculations, you may not go back and forth between white and yellow tees as you will be disqualified from Club Championship/Super Senior event.

Non Super Seniors using the forward tees, except on par 3’s, are disqualified from the Club Championship.



Team events – no restrictions. If no handicap use last years’. If none ask the player for his average 9 hole score at Reeves, subtract 35 and multiple by 90%.

Individual events – to qualify for the prize, one must have played in 40% of the matches with the actual number of each event being determined by the Event Coordinator. The rules will be posted on the Starters Table. 


Dues must be paid prior to starting your first round of play.

Constitution as approved April 1, 2009

Amended February 5, 2014 and April 1, 2015

By-Laws amended by the Board on

February 5, 2014 and April 1, 2015

Rules of Play amended by the Board on

December 2, 2015 and January 9, 2016